Meet our new vibrant and enticing collection

"Miami Vibes"

Inspired by Miami's vivid and atmospheric locations, collection's colorful shots expose the profusion of intricate lace, charming beaded appliques and various silhouettes.  

This time we intend to introduce gowns to support growth of contemporary, modern, and traditional aesthetics. Each next gown seems to be better than the previous as they are all unrepeatably unique: one festive and luxurious, the other – delicate and minimalist. Flawlessly crafted out of the insanely beautiful fabrics, all-embracing styles and designs of "Miami Vibes" collection will appeal to any body type, age and taste.

With the release of this collection we would like our clients and brides all over the world to distract from the sadness and uncertainty the humanity has felt in the recent months. We want to show that every cloud has a silver lining and planning your wedding outfit in advance is always a good idea! What's more, due to the Covid-19 circumstances, we have adjusted our company's and manufactory conditions to provide our customers with quick sewing terms, reasonable prices and convenient payment options.

So, let's cherish the hope for the better and catch the sunny and colorful Miami vibes together with our new collection!


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