Creation of the collection «Golden Moment»

Oftentimes we get questioned about the source of our inspiration. In our preview for «Golden Moment» we intend to recreate our designer’s experience of creating the collection. Liliia says she gets inspired by everything that surrounds her in daily life, as there’s always more to it than meets the eye.While we might not be attentive enough to the beauty life offers us every time, Liliia notices all of it. Shades and tones of her morning cup of cappuccino could become the color base of some skirt and flowers in her vase could hint at the decorations and embellishments she will use.In Liliia’s opinion the dress must resemble life. What else can underline the natural beauty of the bride if not a dress which is nature-inspired? So stay tuned, as we hope to amaze you with the upcoming collection «Golden Moment».

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